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Product 220: Treat Asthma Naturally with Black Powder

Treat asthma naturally with black powder. Black Powder, Cure Asthma Naturally. Cure Asthma Naturally is an absorbent, bronchodilator and purifier of the airways.

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Natural arrangement Treat Asthma Naturally with Black Powder

Remedy 220: Cure Asthma Naturally to Cure and Cure Asthma Permanently is a black powder obtained by calcination and activation of special broncho-dilator plants. This remedy is an ancestral product that treats and eventually cures chronic asthma naturally. Experiment with this remedy and you will see your child's asthma attacks disappear like magic.

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- 50g


- Organic plant extracts


- Absorbent, adsorbent

Active subtances

Absorbent, adsorbent


Asthma, asthmatic cough, Bronchitis


Powder in jar or sachet


Read the leaflet

Side effects

salty taste

Duration of treatment

long duration


50 euros

Presentation of the herbal tea


-powder in sachet


-Extracts of 12 bronchodilator plants, vasodilators.

Active subtances

-Vitamin C, calcium, flavonoids, bi flavonoids, antioxidant, etc.

Side Effects: None

Price: 50 €

The therapeutic effects of the powder.

Remedy 220: Curing Asthma Naturally is an absorbent product, bronchodilator and airway purifier


Asthma, bronchitis, asthmatic cough,

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- Read package insert.


-It is important to get warm: hot bath, steam bath, hot inhalation, chest massage with the super balm or other such products.

- It is important to drink enough, take hot foods and drinks that will circulate the mucus, as well as herbal remedies, which will fight germs and prevent them from sticking to the mucus. Drink up to 3 liters of water a day and eat well spiced and well spiced.

Heals, space grays and cures asthma. It is a good remedy that permanently cures asthma in young children.

Herbal Tea No. 220 for Asthma Cure Naturally is a good remedy for asthma. It spaces out attacks and cures asthma in the long term. Anyone can use it as a healing remedy.

Cure asthma naturally. How? The powder we offer you is a good option to treat and cure asthma naturally.

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