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Product 042: Balm against Vaginitis, mycosis, itching

Balm against Vaginitis, mycosis, itching. If you want to fight vaginitis, mycosis and itching, we offer you an ointment made from plants, natural and effective.

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Product 042: Vaginitis, Mycosis, Ringworm, Itching

Cream to treat vaginitis

Vaginitis, Mycosis, Ringworm, Itching. Natural care that treats vaginitis and mycosis is a traditional antifungal, antiseptic and antibiotic cream. The cream to treat vaginitis fungus ringworm itching eliminates fungal infections quickly over time. The product also cleanses the vaginal environment. The remedy is effective and acts very quickly. The evil healed and does not recur. Please find a simple and effective recipe at the bottom of the article. Read the whole article so you don't miss out on valuable advice.

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Vaginitis, Mycosis, Ringworm, Itching. Vaginitis Cream is a good remedy for vaginitis and vaginal infections. Find out that.


Presentation of the Remedy against Vaginitis, Mycosis, Ringworm, Itching


- Ointment in a 50g jar


- Plant extracts

Active subtances

- Antifungal tannins, antibiotics, antivirals, etc.

Price: 20 €

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Therapeutic effects. Natural Remedy Vaginitis, Mycosis, Ringworm, Itching

Therapeutic effects

Natural Remedy Vaginitis, Mycosis, Ringworm, Itching. The cream to treat vaginitis treats all forms of vaginitis. Vaginitis and fungal infections have various causes (bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites, yeasts, candida albicans, gardnerella vaginalis, trichomonas, irritation of the mucous membrane, hormonal imbalance, etc.). In all cases, the cream kills pathogenic microbes and cleanses the vaginal flora, or the mucous membrane or even the diseased part.


- Vaginitis, fungal infections, herpes, itching, scabies, ringworm, shingles, etc.


- Spread the cream on the diseased parts.


Mix with ointment a powder of: cassia alata leaves in image, sulphide 12, securidaca root bark, mitrocarpus scaber (amasu, houemi, kpète do, akoligoé in goun in Benin). Instructions for use: Wash the affected areas with our center's 041 soap and rub the ointment over it.

NB: It is necessary to associate a remedy from our center for more efficiency if the disease recurs.

1000 free recipes

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