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product 007: plants to overcome sickle cell disease

plants to overcome sickle cell disease naturally. The fagara is immunoreconstituant and is a tree with a thousand virtues. Find here the best product to treat sickle cell disease.

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Bio 007: Fagara, Plant against sickle cell disease

Organic Remedy 007: Fagara, Plant against sickle cell disease
Product Description

Fagara, Plant against sickle cell disease. Fagara or xanthosyloid zanthosylum from the Rutaccées family is rich in fagaricin and vasodilator principles. It is also called Fagara zanthosyloids. Fagara unclogs vessels, fights rheumatism, sickle cell disease, bacterial infections, etc. The fagara is immunoreconstituant and is a tree with a thousand virtues. It is a great unblocker of small vessels and even fallopian tubes. The Fagara or Hètin in Goun and Ho in Bambara facilitates conception and protects pregnant women. Fagara leaves purify body and mind. It is a plant that attracts positive vibrations. The Fagara immunoreconstituent remedy, unblocker of vessels, is a great cleanser of the body. It cleans the vessels and unclogs the tubes.

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Fagara, plants against sickle cell disease and many other diseases such as staphylococcal infections and blocked tubes.
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The therapeutic effects of the powder

Fagara immunoreconstituent powder is a real antibiotic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and unblocker of vessels. It is also an effective anti-poison against infections caused by staphylococci, staphylococci aureus, streptococci, candida albicans, etc. Fagara immunoreconstituent purifies the blood, rids it of its toxins and cleanses the ground. She also fights a lot of internal pains, internal and external wounds, abscesses, boils and gynecological infections. I am Moringa and please join me in your treatment.


Angina pharyngitis, sickle cell disease, rheumatism, haemorrhoids, diarrhoea, abdominal pain, gastroenteritis, jaundice, intestinal parasitosis, intestinal worms, leucorrhoea, amenorrhea, insufficient menstruation, painful menstruation, female infertility, gonorrhea, urethritis, flu, body aches, dental caries, gingivitis, abscess, scabies, chronic wounds, boils, headache, edema, snakebite, etc.

Side effects

- spicy taste
-sometimes a slight irritation that passes very quickly.
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-- The powder is eaten in cereal porridge or simply.

--You can also take the powder, in a homogeneous mixture of honey.

-- During the meal and twice a day, take a teaspoon of the powder mixed with a little of your meal or add twice a day a teaspoon of the powder to the sauce, juice or other.

--For mouth ailments, chew a teaspoonful of the powder thoroughly.

--The powder can also be taken as a decoction or infusion. In this case, infuse or boil a teaspoon of the powder in a cup of water and drink. Operate in this way for lukewarm mouthwashes in oral ailments and in diarrhoea.

--For external ailments (scabies, external hemorrhoids, abscesses, boils, scabs, etc.), make a homogeneous mixture of the powder and the shea butter then pass the ointment obtained on the diseased parts.

-For teeth maintenance, chew a pinch of the powder thoroughly each morning. Chew this to your children from time to time in the morning when they get up and in the evening when they go to bed and they will never suffer from cavities or gingivitis. The whole family will always have good breath.

-If you are lucky enough to have the roots, I advise you to make a toothbrush for the family. You and all your children always have healthy teeth and good breath. In addition, the dentist will have nothing to do with you unless you invite him to dinner.

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