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Product 300: Cystitis Natural Solution to cure Cystitis

Natural Cystitis Remedy is Natural Solution to Cure Cystitis. It is a herbal tea made from 100% organic plants without chemicals. Herbal tea eliminates cystitis and purifies the bladder.

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Natural Cystitis Treatment kills germs and purifies the bladder. A 100% organic herbal tea to treat cystitis and purify the bladder and kidneys naturally.

Natural Cystitis Remedy is Natural Solution to Cure Cystitis. It is a herbal tea made from 100% organic plants without chemicals. Herbal tea eliminates cystitis and purifies the bladder

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Natural Solution to Cure Cystitis

Herbal Tea 300: Natural Treatment for Cystitis kills germs and purifies the bladder. Natural medicine in general and especially African medicine favors field work, drainage and sanitation of the human environment. The remedy against cystitis includes not only specific plants against cystitis and especially restorative depurative plants whose role is to rid the bladder of toxins, weakened or put out of harm's way.

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Introducing the Natural Solution to Cure Cystitis

- Powder in sachet or 50g jar

Composition of the Natural Solution to cure Cystitis

- Antibiotic, diuretic and depurative plant extracts.

Active subtances

- Antibiotic, diuretic and purifying tannins.


- 30 dollars

What is Cystitis?

Cystitis is a urinary tract infection located in the bladder. It is due, in 90% of cases, to a bacterium called “Escherichia coli”; but other bacteria or micro-organisms can be the cause. It is called acute cystitis because it heals quickly with treatment.

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They occur more or less abruptly and combine:

- burning or pain when urinating;

- a feeling of heaviness in the lower abdomen or pain in the lower abdomen;

- urgent need to urinate (feeling of not being able to hold back);

- the need to urinate very often without being able to evacuate much urine (pollakiuria);

- cloudy urine, giving off an unusual odor and possibly containing traces of blood.

On the other hand, during a urinary tract infection localized to the bladder (cystitis), the person does not have lumbar pain. She is not shivering and her temperature is normal (the presence of a fever is a sign of infectious kidney disease or pyelonephritis).

Symptoms of cystitis in small children and babies

In older children, the symptoms of cystitis are the same as in adults, but in babies or toddlers, UTI symptoms are misleading and can be:

- an unexplained fever;

- urine of an unusual color or odor;

- crying while urinating;

- urinary leakage;

- the presence of blood in the urine;

- loss of appetite;

- vomitings ;

- mood swings and fatigue;

- weight loss or stunted growth;

- abdominal pain.


In women, certain factors may be involved in the occurrence of a urinary tract infection:

- the short length of the urethra facilitates the abnormal introduction of microorganisms into the bladder through the urethra.

- sexual intercourse especially with the use of spermicides increases the risk of genital and urinary prolapse in women does not allow the bladder to empty completely and predisposes to urinary tract infection.

- urinary incontinence;

- estrogen deficiency after menopause; during pregnancy, compression of the bladder by the uterus promotes urinary stasis and poor bladder evacuation.

In men, urinary tract infection is rare and more serious

In young men, urinary tract infections are rare because of the length of the urethra.

On the other hand, the occurrence at a later age of a prostate disease that interferes with bladder emptying promotes urinary tract infections associated with infection of the epididymis and prostate.

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Other causes of cystitis

Certain situations favor the occurrence of cystitis:

- malformations of the urinary tract,

- certain neurological diseases (multiple sclerosis for example) which prevent complete emptying of the bladder,

- carrying out a urinary catheterization or a bladder endoscopy,

- taking certain medications (anticholinergics, opiates, neuroleptics),

- the presence of sugar in the urine in diabetics which predisposes to the multiplication of bacteria in the urine and therefore to urinary tract infection.

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