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Product 114: Recipe to unclog the tubes naturally

Recipe to unclog the tubes naturally. The egg we offer unclogs the fallopian tubes and restores the woman's fertility. Good remedy for female infertility.

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Product 114: Clogged trumpets, Recipe for unblocking them

Plugged trunks, recipe for unblocking them. The natural remedy or egg that we offer is a very effective treatment to unclog the fallopian tubes and restore a woman's fertility. Natural Remedy Clogged Fallopian Tubes, Recipe to Unclog Them.

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Technical sheet


- Ovules in bags of 10


- Plant extracts, clay, etc.

Active subtances

- Astringent, emollient, absorbent, adsorbent, antiviral, antiseptic, etc.



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Therapeutic Effects of Eggs that Unclog Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Natural Remedy Clogged tubes, Recipe to unclog the tubes. The egg we offer unclogs the fallopian tubes and restores the woman's fertility. It is the miracle therapy to naturally unclog blocked fallopian tubes with efficiency. The vaginal ovum cleanses, purifies and unclogs the tubes very quickly. The product is designed to unblock blocked fallopian tubes. The egg is also good for clearing the uterus and facilitating conception. Good remedy for female sterility. It is a ball composed of medicinal plants, roots, leaves, bark and clay well molded in good conditions.

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Clogged fallopian tubes, female sterility, infections, vaginitis, etc.


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NB: Herbal teas 059 and 114 must be combined to quickly unclog the tubes and facilitate conception.

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