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Product 065: Herbal tea to treat sinusitis in one day

Herbal tea to treat sinusitis in one day. Sinusitis, natural treatment sinusitis.Sinusitis, natural treatment Sinusitis.We have composed a herbal tea that cures sinusitis. Please find the cure.

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Sinusitis, natural sinusitis treatment

Natural remedy against Sinusitis, treatment of sinusitis by the plant with Remedy 065. Indeed, the natural treatment is an herbal tea which thoroughly cures sinusitis in all its forms. It is an ancestral herbal tea made from plants with proven useful properties against sinusitis. Herbal tea 065: Sinusitis natural treatment has proven itself.

NB: Combine the super balm in a steam bath and the 66 herbal tea inhaled for a permanent cure. Local treatments are mandatory to clear the nose and speed up the detoxification process.

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- Powder in a sachet or in a 50g jar.


Absorbent plant extracts, antioxidant, etc.

Active subtances

- Tannins, glycoside, etc.

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Therapeutic effects

Natural remedy for Sinusitis, treatment of sinusitis with herbal tea 65. The natural remedy is rich in anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, antibiotic, astringent, absorbent, depurative, immunoreconstituent elements. Herbal Tea No. 065: Sinusitis, Roots, Barks, Natural Remedy facilitates detoxification by draining toxins, drying and regenerating the sinus lining in a short time.

The herbal tea quickly lifts the weak and strengthens the natural immune defenses. The flow of the sinuses which is good for the body will continue until the complete elimination of the toxins responsible for the sinusitis.

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Sinusitis, headache, head cold, sinus problem


Boil a tablespoon of the powder in a liter of water containing a clove of garlic, let cool and strain. Keep cool. Drink half a glass, 3 times a day. Add the juice of a ripe lemon to the hot plug. Three months of treatment renewable two to four times. Healing assured.

The natural remedy is a good herbal tea for sinusitis and inflammation of the internal mucous membrane. This remedy is not a simple relief from sinusitis. This effectively cures the evil and do not hesitate for a single second to obtain it for a definitive cure. Radical remedy.


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