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Product 062: Natural anti-fatigue, defense booster

Natural anti-fatigue, defense booster. Natural anti-fatigue, defense booster. Herbal tea to boost the natural defenses and fight against fatigue. Good remedy to strengthen the immune defenses.

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Bio Remedy 062: Natural anti-fatigue, natural defense booster.

Natural anti-fatigue, booster of natural defenses by a food supplement. Remedy 062: Natural anti-fatigue, natural defense booster is a well-dosed vitamin complex to treat cases of anemia, general fatigue, exhaustion and reduced immune defenses. Herbal Remedy 062: Natural anti-fatigue, natural defense booster. is a good immune-reconstituting antioxidant booster and an advanced food supplement rich in micronutrients (first class proteins, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, copper, zinc, vitamins B12, B9, etc). The anti-fatigue remedy is useful for people with anemia, the weak, depressed, learners, pregnant women, sickle cell sufferers, people with HIV, etc.

The Natural Antifatigue product is useful in many cases of anemia or unexplained fatigue. Herbal Tea Remedy 062: Anti-fatigue Plants to boost natural defences. is a concentrate of immunoreconstituent plants to strengthen the physical, mental and intellectual state of all without age limit. The product promotes well-being and personal development, to be in good shape and active at all times. Herbal tea is good for learners in times of intense effort.


Presentation of the Natural Anti-fatigue Remedy, booster of natural defenses

- Powder in sachet or 50g jar


- Plant extracts

Active subtances

- Micronutrient, iron, folic acid, vitamin B12, zinc, copper, vitamin C

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Therapeutic effects

Natural anti-fatigue, booster of natural defenses by the plant. Herbal Tea No. 062 natural anti-fatigue is an excellent food supplement rich in micronutrients, antioxidants, immunoreconstituent elements. It brings many vital elements to the body of the weak, the depressed, the malnourished, pregnant women, growing children, the elderly, the sick, sickle cell sufferers, HIV-positive people, convalescents, etc. It is a food-medicine (nutraceutical).

In case of anemia, Remedy 062: Natural Antifatigue acts very quickly and the symptoms pallor, thinness, asthenia (very tired), headaches, unusual nervousness or irritability, decreased concentration, sensitivity to cold, dizziness, palpitation, muscle fatigue, dizziness, insomnia or hypersomnia (excessive sleep), rapid pulse, dyspnea (difficulty breathing).

The herbal tea boosts the immune system and resistance to infectious diseases like flu and herpes. It is a good vitamin complex for pregnant women, sickle cell patients, the weak, the tired, the convalescent, people with weak immune defenses. The herbal tea is very rich in antioxidant and immunoreconstituent elements. It does great good to HIV-positive people regardless of age.


- Anemia, fatigue, sickle cell disease, lowered immune defenses, HIV, hemorrhoids, heavy periods, hemorrhage, etc.


- Take one teaspoon with food, twice a day.

The people concerned

- Women who have heavy periods,

- Young mothers to quickly regain strength and have plenty of milk for the baby,

- Children with sickle cell disease or others,

- Pupils, students, learners in times of intense effort,

- People who suffer from external hemorrhoids.

- Convalescents,

- People with autoimmune diseases (HIV),

- People who follow restrictive diets to balance their diet,

- Vegetarians, vegans and other diets to balance their diet,

- People who are malnourished,

- People with a family history of anemia,

- Old people,

- Hemophiliacs (subject to bleeding)

NB: Please consult your doctor if in doubt.

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Good antioxidant and natural immunoreconstituent. Tonic and natural stimulant without side effects and I beg you to discover this remedy.

Herbal Tea 062: Natural Antifatigue is an antioxidant, immunoreconstituent useful in case of fatigue and reduced immunities. Super good tonic, revitalizing and natural stimulant without side effects. No risk of addiction. I take you to make use of this product for everything.

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