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Product 048: natural treatment of Hemorrhoids by the plant

Natural treatment of Hemorrhoids by the plant. If you want the right treatment to treat hemorrhoids, here is the treatment you need, natural and effective.

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Bio Product 048: Hemorrhoids natural treatment (ovum)


Hemorrhoids, natural treatment of Hemorrhoids by the plant. External hemorrhoids and internal hemorrhoids are treated naturally but how? We have developed a suppository made from herbs and clay to eradicate evil. The product relieves hemorrhoidal veins quickly. The suppository completely absorbs the hemorrhoidal tumor. It is a good remedy for evil. Please find out the absorbent properties of the remedy. Do not leave without discovering the recipe against Hemorrhoids

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Hemorrhoids natural treatment. We offer you an egg to treat and cure hemorrhoids permanently. Please check out the recipe.


Technical sheet of the Remedy to treat Hemorrhoids naturally


- Bags of 10


- Absorbent plant extracts, anti-inflammatory.

Active subtances

- Anti-inflammatory, absorbent tannins, etc.

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Therapeutic effects. remedy for hemorrhoids

Therapeutic effects

Hemorrhoids, natural treatment of Hemorrhoids by the plant. We give you The product slowly and surely absorbs the anal tumor until completely reduced. The relief is immediate. It is an excellent remedy for internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids. It is absolutely necessary to associate our suppository with any hemorrhoidal treatment.

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- External hemorrhoids, internal hemorrhoids


- In the evening at bedtime, pass the shea butter on a suppo and push it completely into the anus. Keep all night to evacuate the next day.

NB: Hemorrhoids how to get rid of them?. Discover the suppository that heals hemorrhoids at the root. The product tones the hemorrhoidal veins.


The egg is complex to manufacture because it is a mixture of plants and clay and this requires know-how. We have training for this but you can use this simple remedy.

Make small balls from a mixture of shea butter and securida longepedunculata root (kpèta do in goun and yoruba in Benin and Dioro in Bambara RCI MALI snake tree in French)

Directions: Harden cool and use as a bedtime support.

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