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Product 021: Natural Treatment Low Libido Weaknesses

Natural Treatment Low Libido Weaknesses. Recipes against Frigidity, low libido. Our stimulates libido in women, fights frigidity and facilitates sexual enjoyment with multiple orgasms.

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Bio Remedy 021: Recipes against Frigidity, low libido

Bio Remedy 021: Cream and recipes against Frigidity, sexual weakness

Frigidity, sexual weakness, impotence, etc.

Recipes Frigidity, decreased libido, Femme Frigid solution or The Organic Remedy 021. Indeed, the Recipe facilitates sexual enjoyment, multiple orgasms, combats decreased libido, premature ejaculation and blackouts. It is an aphrodisiac for both men and women for shared pleasure between lovers in bed. It is a joussance cream for men and women. It increases sexual pleasure and unites partners. The product allows a full love without fatigue. You have lost your libido, you no longer enjoy in bed so react quickly because you have the solution at your fingertips. You find recipes throughout the article. So be patient to discover our formulas.

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Recipes against Frigidity, low libido. Our stimulates libido in women, fights frigidity and facilitates sexual enjoyment with multiple orgasms.

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Afrique-tisane N°21: Tonisex cream 2F frigidity sexual weakness

Tonisex 2F Frigidity Sexual Weakness Cream is an aphrodisiac ointment that facilitates sexual enjoyment and multiple orgasms. Good for repeated sex in both men and women.


- Ointment in 25ml jar.


- Ylang ylang oil, shea butter, small kola, gouro root.

Active ingredients:

- Plant sterols.

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Therapeutic effects of the ointment

Frigidity recipe, decreased libido, Frigid Woman solution with an ointment. The 100% natural ointment gives women and men a desire for sex. It awakens and activates your libido. It is a libido "BOOSTER", for men and women. The couple will fully regain their youthful sexual frequency with a well accomplished, complete and unforgettable sexual act. The remedy is super good and do not do this outside the couple to avoid possible attachment. Super good as a couple with the desire to relive the sexual act. The desire will be so intense that you risk ripping off other people's husbands or wives. Test Tonisex and you will never regret, but caution and no adultery because it may fall on you. I would have warned you. Tonisex 3 is a good stimulant and a super sexual fortifier to effectively combat impotence, erectile dysfunction, frigidity and anorgasmia. No side effects and no risk of addiction. Stay tuned, the recipe is near.


Frigidity, sexual weakness, low libido, soft erection, impotence, frequent sexual failure.

NB: Tonisex 3 definitively cures sexual impotence, erectile dysfunction, improves your libido, your sexual performance, stimulates your sexual pleasure, combats frigidity and sexual fatigue in the couple. You will find your sexual instincts of youth. Frigidity sexual weakness. This remedy is a good mixed aphrodisiac for the sexual fulfillment of the couple. This facilitates orgasm and enjoyment.


- Women

Pass some of the ointment into the vagina and lightly massage the clitoris at bedtime.

- Male

Pass the ointment on the penis and proceed to a gentle circular massage of the penis for about ten minutes. Massage the head of the penis a little more. Good at bedtime.

NB: You can do it to your partner, vice versa to increase the stimulating effect of the sexual organs and activate the sexual secretions. Great at bedtime for a night like no other. Learn to live your sex life together and you will see how exciting it is. Over time the couple will regain all their sexual instincts and will be able to do without products.

Free recipe

Take a mixture of shea butter and small colas to massage the penis or clitoris from time to time

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So note this is a very good remedy.

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