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Product 017: Soap to Enlarge and Lengthen the Penis

Penis enlargement soap. product to enlarge the penis. Remedy to develop the penis safely. Recipe for increasing penis size. Effective natural solution.

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Organic Product 017: Penis Enlargement Soap

Description of the soap to enlarge the penis in length and thickness

Soap to enlarge the penis,Recipe Enlarge the Penis or remedy 017. Indeed the Soap tonisex GP To enlarge the penis very quickly develops the penis in length and thickness. Very big, very long and very powerful. But soap alone will not be enough and you have to combine it with tonisex GP ointment and powder. One does not go without the other two and it takes 6 months of treatment. This is a serious penis enlargement program in length and thickness in complete safety. Our penis enlargement program, enlarges the penis, fights premature ejaculation, sexual weakness, impotence and any form of erectile dysfunction. It's good and don't hesitate to get involved. For a rapid and harmonious development, you must combine herbal teas 17, 18, 19, 28, 72 and 77. With this combination everything becomes possible and quickly.

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Why can the penis be poorly developed?

-External factors

In case of micro penis, you need Soap to enlarge the penis, Recipe Enlarge the Penis or remedy 017. but why it is important the size of the third feet. Opinions are divided but we all know that a muscle which is not exercised is lagging behind in its development and our mothers in Africa know this so well that they exercise the penises of newborn boys a lot, and if you attend a traditional grooming session, you would understand my words better. Often, it is the mother-in-law or another knowledgeable mother who takes care of this very delicate task that the young mother carefully follows to take over. Nature knows how to do its thing so well that the penis itself instinctively exercises night and day and often in the mornings in all healthy men from birth to adulthood at least if wearing too tight underwear does not impede its movements. So when your penis stretches in the mornings, know that it is exercising for its harmonious development and let it do its exercises unhindered.. Which leads me to say that we must avoid boxers that are too tight at bedtime and it is worth better to sleep naked in the evening at bedtime so as not to hinder the penis in its night and morning exercises, especially the young boy who is in full growth. Sexual intercourse, well conducted, is an exercise par excellence when the adolescent becomes mature.

Penis enlargement soap. product to enlarge the penis. Remedy to develop the penis safely. Recipe for increasing penis size.

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Soap to enlarge the penis, Enlarge the penis, Develop the penis


Bio Remedy 017: Penis Enlargement Soap, Enlarge Penis, Expand Penis

NB: Tonisex GP soap makes penis grow very quickly. Very big, very long and very powerful. Provides an erection hard as steel. Tonisex GP soap safely enlarges the penis. It fights premature ejaculation, impotence, male sterility, sexual weakness.

Introducing Bio Remedy 017: Penis Enlargement Soap, Enlarge Penis, Develop Penis

- 50g black soap


-Vegetable extracts

-Indigenous soap.

Active ingredients

-Plant sterols

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Duration of treatment: 9 months or more

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It's important to have a powerful penis


At first men lived naked, and the penis swayed well from left to right, in front of back and naturally developed in width and length, then there were sex covers, then panties, and after boxers and panties, and so on. Nowadays underwear is too tight, the penis suffocates and does not breathe well. When, during our puberty, we wear too tight underwear at all times, night and day our penis (erectile muscles) lacks movement and is hampered in its natural development. The very fact that the penis swings from left to right, front and back is an important exercise for him because at times the erection is between 20% and 50% phase where the penis gains in length, and sometimes between 50 and 90 % phase where it gains in circumference. Even if you have a well-developed penis, that is to say 3.5 to 5cm in diameter and 17 to 20cm in length, these factors must be taken into account, otherwise your penis will lose its vigor and tone after the quarantine. On the other hand, those whose penises are poorly developed will have to take these external factors into account and then subject their penis to regular exercise (massage, rocking, stretching, etc.) with the soap and the tonisex cream by circular massages in length and in width from the base towards the glans in different phases of erection (flaccid penis, erection between 20 and 50% then between 50 and 80%).

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Other Important Factors

-Internal factors

It is necessary to take into account the very varied and complex internal factors starting with the diet low in zinc, copper, vitamin E and others which can be the cause of a hormonal deficit; then come the hereditary, morphological, constitutional, sometimes organic, etc. factors. Exercises alone will not be enough to give you a penis of satisfactory size and you must also act from the inside with stimulants and the tonisex powder will be of great service to you by acting on all the internal growth factors because of its richness. micronutrients and plant hormones of proven effectiveness in this area. For a quick result you must therefore combine the soap, the cream and the powder for a rigorous treatment of one to two months.

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-How does this all work?

The penis is made up of three cavities, two dorsal cavities formed of erectile tissue (corpus cavernosa) and a smaller cavity, in the ventral part of the penis, where there is passage of the urethra (corpus spongiosum). When you are sexually aroused, your brain releases a hormone causing blood to flow into your penis, which fills your erectile tissues (corpora cavernosa). The cells of these bodies are filled with blood until an erection is obtained and the penis stretches like a very hard wood. Soap and ointment are rich in revulsive and stimulating elements. Thus, under the action of repeated specific massages with soap or ointment, the flow of blood into the penis is increased, forcing it to adapt by becoming engorged as much as possible. The action, repeated day after day, requires the internal tissues of the penis to expand ever more, to cope with this new influx of blood into the corpora cavernosa. The effect is rapid on the dimensions of the penis at rest, which takes a much more imposing and voluminous look.

Internally, the active elements of the tonisex powder, will act from the inside by their hormonal contribution and will increase the capacities of the cavernous bodies for a greater blood flow at the level of the caverns thus creating a greater and longer erection. Tonisex stimulates cell growth in the corpora cavernosa and effectively combats premature ejaculation and sexual weakness. Tonisex makes you a man and your wife will be proud of your permanent performance. Your erection will become intense and long lasting. Tonisex is 100% natural and has no side effects. All growth is permanent.

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Therapeutic effects

Ensures a reasonable size and volume of the penis in a short time. This 100% natural product makes the penis grow naturally and simply by stimulating your testicles to produce more testosterone, the hormone of virility and the development of secondary sexual characteristics in men.. In men, we talk about androgens ( of which testosterone is the main representative), and they are produced by the testicles. Testosterone grows body hair, increases muscle mass and the size of the genitals (testicles and penis), and causes the voice to change.

Tonisex causes the production of new cells and tissues of the penis with a strengthening of the existing muscles. New tissue begins to grow, and your penis gains muscle, volume, and firmness. This process is done just like during puberty in a young boy. and the body starts producing new cells every day. The components of the product ensure a healthy and proportionate penis enlargement to your size, without the slightest risk of side effects or damage. Your natural and human hormones are primed to take over after treatment.

Indications and other beneficial effects


To enlarge the penis combat sexual weakness, premature ejaculation and impotence.


One should act in consideration of the above:

1-Every morning, wash the penis and scrotum using soap and a soft sponge, and perform a gentle circular massage for about ten minutes, from the base to the glans, until the penis is in first erection (from 20 to 70% or more). Use both hands and always act with the intention of stimulating the muscles of the penis and testicles. Act in different phases of the erection to act on the circumference (90% erection at most) and to act on the length (rest or average erection). Remember that the erection begins in the head.

2- Next, sitting on a table while putting your penis forward, squeeze the glans of your penis slightly, and pull your body forward, until you have a good stretch in the center and in the base. Hold this stretch for about 2 minutes.

3-Then take a 30-second break, then repeat the procedure three more times, varying in direction between of course small pauses (front, left, right, down, etc.).

4- Swing your penis against your leg each time (left and right) so that the blood flows more freely.

NB: It will take you about 15 mins in the morning with the soap and 15 mins in the evening with the cream. This makes two exercise and massage sessions per day (massage, stretching, rocking). Within weeks, your penis will increase in volume and size. You will have some difficulty at first, but don't worry, you will get better and better at your exercise. Three months of treatment will be enough to give you a good result in length and thickness. Your penis will be very powerful in tone, volume and length with a strong power of penetration in a definitive way. Tonisex GP soap safely enlarges the penis. It fights premature ejaculation, impotence, male sterility, sexual weakness.

A notice with images and videos always accompany our enlargement products. Don't do anything to avoid having the opposite effect. It is a whole series of exercises to be practiced under our guidance. Do not imagine anything for us because I have undergone training for this.

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