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Product 004: Ointment to Cure Mycosis Vaginitis Ringworm

Ointment to Cure Ringworm Vaginitis Mycoses. If you suffer from mycosis, here is an ointment composed of plants that eliminate mycosis. It is a good natural treatment for vaginitis.

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Skin diseases, mycosis, vaginitis, ringworm. It is a very effective ointment against mycosis, itching, shingles, ringworm, scabs, etc.

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Ointment For Skin Diseases


Skin diseases, mycosis, vaginitis, ringworm. Remedy against skin diseases, mycosis, vaginitis, ringworm. Herbal tea 4 is an ointment composed of antibiotic and antifungal plants to treat and definitively eliminate mycoses and fungi responsible for mycoses. It is an antifungal remedy, effective antibiotic against mycoses, fungus, etc.

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Skin diseases, mycosis, vaginitis, ringworm,. Herbal tea works against most skin diseases. It treats fungal infections, dermatoses, vaginitis, eczema, shingles, pimples, abscesses, varicose veins, stretch marks, ringworm, scabs, etc. It works well against frigidity and premature ejaculation, facilitates deep enjoyment in women and brings partners closer together. Women will derive great benefit from this to keep their husbands and stabilize their homes. Men too will get the same results to keep their partner from looking away. Simple and easy to use, anyone can use it and benefit from these benefits. Where this ointment goes, no fungus can resist for long, and everyone should have it at home. In addition, it lubricates the vagina well, increases the sensitivity of the vagina and makes the woman more sensitive.

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Technical sheet of the remedy Skin diseases, mycosis, vaginitis, ringworm

Presentation: - Green ointment, like the plants used.

-25ml jar

Composition: - Plant extracts (neem, cassia alata, cocos nucifera, Aloe vera, mint, Mitragyna, aframomum meleguette, etc.)

- olive oil, shea butter, Vaseline, etc.

Active subtances: Tannins, heteroside, fungicides, etc.

Price: 20 €

Side effects: A few rare cases of irritation have been reported for very sensitive skin.

Directions: -mycoses, candidiasis, vaginitis, eczema, shingles, pimples, abscesses, varicose veins, stretch marks, ringworm, scabs, itching, scabies, frigidity, etc.

Manual: -Simply pass over the diseased parts.

-Pass a little in the vagina or on the penis 30 minutes before the act to facilitate sexual enjoyment and fight frigidity and premature ejaculation.

NB: The ointment has been on the market for over 4 years. This balm has proven itself in many homes and has not finished working wonders. Everyone must have it at home to act promptly in certain circumstances. Experience it and testify to its effectiveness.

The skin disease remedy treats fungal infections, ringworm, herpes, vaginitis, itching, scabs, stretch marks, etc. It is a good remedy for skin diseases and frigidity.

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