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Synechia natural treatment

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Synechia stand for ‘’attachment’’ or a fibrous scar. The main cause of this sickness is uterine disorder such as curettage. It’s can also cause by caesarean section or myomectomy. Tuberculosis, chlamydia is the minor cause of synechia, nevertheless, every synechia patient have always a previous related history.

Synechia can lead to amenorrhea, hypomenorrhea, habitual abortion and secondary infertility when its not treat on time.


In most of the time synechia doesn’t affect fertility. But it is recommended for women in severe case to do to In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

Thanks to IVF doctors or specialist obtain the eggs directly from the patient’s ovaries and then fertilized them under controlled of laboratory and after that they transferred it back into the patient uterus. But before all this procedure the patient must undergo surgery called hysteroscopy.

Nevertheless, this method is not always without a risk. Discoveries and research in phytotherapy (healing by plants and herbal teas) help patient to get satisfaction and to be completely heal from this sickness. Thank to this natural treatment many patients have get pregnant in short time. To know more about this natural remedy please to click in the link bellow.


Synechia is a silent disease which didn’t show up easily until the case become severe. However, the most common symptoms are:

-Amenorrhea or lack of menstruation

-Hypomenorrhea (discontinuity of menstrual period)


-Permanent pregnancy loss (permanent miscarriages). Can we really prevent synechia?


The are no specific methods to prevent synechia. Moreover, phytotherapy are doing great job to prevent this dangerous sickness. For more inquiries about the prevention. Please to join us through


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