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Rose of Jericho virtues

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Contrary to another plant Rose of Jericho is restoration from death plant: even if it is completely ‘’dry and die’’ a little water on it can give back life to it. Isn’t it wonderful?

It is important to know that this plant is divided into two. The true one and the false. Whether true or false they have a long, rich history in literature, religion, and medicine.

It is always good to know about plant history because it can be useful to treat or resolve some problems.

Please to know more about Rose of Jericho.


In the first place, we need to know that when we talk about ‘’Rose of Jericho’’ we will be referring to two different plants.  These plants are also called restoration plants, and that term could actually refer to about 130 different plants with the ability to dry out and come back to life. 

First, there’s the “true” Rose of Jericho called Anastatica heirochuntica. This plant comes from northeast Africa and the Middle East (i.e., Jericho) and is actually really hard to find. 

This plant grows little white flowers when fully hydrated, but it must actually root in the soil to revive. It’s the only planet in the Anastatica genus and is a member of the mustard family. 

The second plant that carries the name “Rose of Jericho” is Selaginella lepidophylla, or false Rose of Jericho, or dinosaur plant. This plant comes from the Chihuahuan desert of Mexico, New Mexico, and Arizona. 

Like the true Rose of Jericho, this plant also dries up completely and blows around until it finds a puddle where it can get a drink and revives itself.

This plant is much easier to find than the true Rose of Jericho, which is fine by us because it’s also a lot more affordable, attractive, and easy to care for. Unlike the true Rose of Jericho, the false Rose of Jericho can revive whether its roots are planted or not. All it needs is water! 

Selaginella lepidophylla, the one we talk about most around here, is actually a spike moss! Isn’t it cool how two completely different plants have evolved with such similar adaptations? 


 We call Rose of Jericho in some custom: richness, safe keeper, bring good luck and sucks out the negative energies.

Some used it in spells to bring changes in personal life such as romance and income.

Furthermore, the rose Jerusalem plant is filled with utmost therapeutic and spiritual benefits not just for catholic brothers and sisters but also for hoodoo, Islam, and other beliefs. It is good to have it in the home in order to attract good vibration.

Apart from this benefit it also helps to fight against envy, evil-eye, bad vibes and negativism.

The direction of use in case of evil-eye:

-Reborn your Anastatica heirochuntica plant by placing it into a dish with water.

-Let it stay there for as long as it takes to open up completely. (almost 4 hours)

-Keep it remaining there until you see that the water is changing its color and getting brown in texture.

Change the water of your plant, and use the brown turned water in front of your office, or home.

Medicine and Science

Rose of Jericho (and resurrection plants in general) are unusual plants, so naturally, they attract a lot of attention from the scientific Community. 

Scientists around the world study these plants to better understand their drought-resistant properties, which could possibly lead to more drought-resistant crops and a more sustainable agricultural system. 

Rose of Jericho is also no stranger to medical traditions. Traditional Egyptian medicine uses Anastatica heirochuntica to treat fatigue and uterine hemorrhaging. In Mexico, Selaginella lepidophylla is used to quicken labor, and the speed of the plant’s revival is sometimes used to predict the outcome of Child Birth. 

False Rose of Jericho is sometimes used to treat colds and sore throats in herbal medicine, and the plant is currently being studied for its antioxidant and anti-cancer properties. This plant gets around! 

We can’t think of another humble houseplant with such a wide history in so many different areas of human achievement. And it’s so easy to care for! 

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Rose of Jericho possess many virtuous and fight against many diseases. It is important to have it in our neighborhood.

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All about Rose of Jericho virtues and health benefit

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