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Lyme Natural remedy and herbal Tea

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In the process of Lyme treatment, herbal Tea and natural remedies remain the best alternative. First of all, there are affordable and have almost no side effects.

Lyme disease is a condition caused by an infection from bacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi? It’s passed to humans through the bite of infected black-legged ticks or deer ticks. Ticks are small arachnids usually found in wooded or grassy areas.

Can natural treatments be a more effective, gentler option? Read on to learn about our natural remedies and herbal tea.

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Natural remedies and Herbal Tea

Herbal Tea 138

It is a natural herbal tea made from African medicinal plants and leaves. It is the best recipe to cure Lyme in a short time. It is a mixture of artemisia annua, neem, trichilia emetica, and other organic product. I am the best immune booster click below to add me to your treatment: According to this study, carried out by Prof. Ying Zhang’s group at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, the seven herbal medicines that have the ability to kill B. burgdorferi in test tubes are:

  • Cryptolepis sanguinolenta
  • Juglans nigra (Black walnut)
  • Polygonum cuspidatum (Japanese knotweed)
  • Artemisia annua (Sweet wormwood)
  • Uncaria tomentosa (Cat’s claw)
  • Cistus incanus
  • Scutellaria baicalensis (Chinese skullcap)

It is important to note that each of these products has the potential to produce significant side effects in patients, and should be taken only under the advisement of a clinician knowledgeable of their capabilities and toxicities.

Lyme natural remedy

Supplements for Lyme disease

Some people claim that immune system-boosting supplements can naturally treat Lyme disease.

These include :

  •  Vitamin B-1
  • Vitamin C
  • Fish oil
  • Alpha-lipoic acid
  • Magnesium
  • Chlorella
  • Cat’s claw
  • Garlic
  • Olive leaf
  • Tumeric

However, there’s no evidence that any of these, or any other supplements, can get rid of Lyme disease

Essential oils for Lyme disease

Essential oils are concentrated liquids from plants. Some of them have antibacterial properties, meaning they can kill bacteria.

2017 study evaluated the use of 34 essential oils to kill B. burgdorferi bacteria in a laboratory setting. Cinnamon bark, clove bud, and oregano essential oils killed the bacteria without any regrowth. 

These results are promising, but there’s no evidence that they work in humans with Lyme disease. Essential oils are used in aromatherapy, where the fragrant oils are inhaled through a diffuser or diluted in a carrier oil and applied topically. It’s not safe to ingest essential oils, especially in the quantities that you would likely need to treat Lyme disease.

Other natural treatments for Lyme disease

The treatments discussed above are only some of the natural treatments that claim to treat Lyme disease. According to research looking at the alternative treatments found during an Internet search, other natural treatments people use for Lyme disease include:

  • Saunas and steam rooms
  • Ultraviolet light
  • Photon therapy
  • Electromagnetic frequency treatments
  • Magnets
  • Urotherapy (urine ingestion)
  • Enemas
  • Bee venom

The investigators noted that there’s no research backing up these treatments, and many don’t have a logical rationale behind them.

As with all herbal remedies and supplements, please consult your physician before taking herbal supplements and remedies. It is important for your physician to be aware of any herbal remedies/supplements you may be taking. To book an appointment or counseling with one of the physician and Neurotherapy join us on:


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