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Hemiplegia natural treatment

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Hemiplegia is a sickness provoke by a brain problem or spinal cord wound that leads to paralysis of one part of the body. It provokes weakness, problems with muscle control, and muscle stiffness. The degree of hemiplegia signs varies according to the place and extent of the wound.

If hemiplegia occurs before birth, during birth, or within the first 2 years of life, it’s known as congenital hemiplegia. If hemiplegia develops later in life, it’s known as acquired hemiplegia. Hemiplegia is non-progressive. Once the disorder begins, symptoms don’t get worse.

Read till the end to know more hemiplegia symptoms, causes, and treatments.

Hemiplegia symptoms

Hemiplegia may affect either the left or right side of your body. Whichever side of your brain is affected causes symptoms on the opposite side of your body.

People can have different symptoms from hemiplegia depending on its gravity. Symptoms can include :

  • Muscle weakness or stiffness on one side
  • Muscle spasticity or permanently contracted muscle
  • Difficulty Walking
  • Poor diet
  • Trouble grabbing objects

Teenagers with hemiplegia may also take longer to reach development milestones than their peers. They may also use only one hand when playing or keep one hand in a fist.

If hemiplegia is provoked by a brain wound, the brain damage can cause symptoms that aren’t specific to hemiplegia, such as :

  • Memory disorder
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Speech issues
  • Behavior changes
  • Seizures

Hemiplegia causes

Hemiplegia causes include :

Stroke: it is Among the ones that provoke hemiparesis.

Brain trauma: A sudden impact on your head can cause permanent brain damage.


Brain trauma

Brain tumors: Brain tumors can lead to a variety of physical problems including hemiplegia. Symptoms of hemiplegia may get worse as the tumor grows.

 Talking about hemiplegia type we have 5 types which are:

Facial hemiplegia

Spinal hemiplegia

Contralateral hemiplegia

Spastic hemiplegia

Alternative hemiplegia of childhood

Hemiplegia treatment

Hemiplegia treatment depends on the cause and the degree of hemiplegia symptoms. Among these treatments we have:

 Natural treatment includes the use of natural herbal tea. This natural herbal tea is made from medicinal plant and herbal tea. It has been proven effective and has no side effect . For more information about this natural remedy please click on the link below:

Medical treatment includes:


Working with a physiotherapist allows people with hemiplegia to develop their balance ability, build strength, and coordinate movement. A physiotherapist can also help stretch out tight and spastic muscles.

Mental imagery

Imagining moving the paralyzed half of your body may help activate the parts of the brain responsible for movement. Mental imagery is often paired with other therapies and is rarely used by itself. We also have Assistive devices and Electrical stimulation.


Hemiplegia is a painful paralysis on one side of your body caused by brain damage. It’s a non-progressive disorder and doesn’t get worse once it develops. With a better treatment plan, it’s possible to improve the symptoms of hemiplegia.

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