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Which fruit to cleanse the kidneys?

  • Using mother-in-law's tongue to clean the kidneys

    The kidneys filter the blood to remove waste and excess fluid. When the kidneys malfunction, these waste products accumulate.

    Symptoms appear slowly and are not unique to this disease. Some people have no symptoms, in which case the disease is diagnosed by a laboratory test.

    Taking medication can help manage symptoms. In advanced stages, it may be necessary to filter the blood with a machine (dialysis) or to perform a transplant. The good news is that there are plants that help filter and ensure the proper functioning of the kidneys. Read until the end to discover this beautiful plant and its effect on the kidneys.

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    All About Stepmother's Tongue

    Here is a mother-in-law's language that works for you! Sansevière is a plant that cannot be killed, even with effort. It gets its nickname "mother-in-law's tongue" from the leathery texture of its large, slender leaves, a nickname it shares with other houseplants like aspidistra. Variegated, dark green or speckled, the sansevière comes in several forms well suited to our modern interiors, as long as they are bright. So if you can never keep a single houseplant, start with this one.

    Sanseviere GoldenHahnii

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