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  • Kidney stone natural treatment


    Kidney stones are a solid mass of hard material that can form in the kidney and cause pain. The function of the kidney is to remove waste and fluid from your blood to make urine. When you have too much waste and not enough fluid in your blood, it is those waste that blocks your kidney. That what we call kidney stone.

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    Kidney stones causes differ from one person to another, from one gender to another, and from one culture to another. Here is another way of getting a kidney stone:

    • You have had kidney stones before.
    • Someone in your family has had kidney stones.
    • You don’t drink enough water.
    • You follow a diet high in protein, sodium, and/or sugar.
    • You have had gastric bypass surgery or another intestinal surgery.
    • You have a certain condition that causes your urine to contain high levels of cystine, oxalate, uric acid or calcium.
    • You have a condition that causes swelling or irritation in your bowel or your joints.
    • You take certain medicines, such as diuretics (water pills) or calcium-based antacids.


    Your kidney stage and progression determine your symptoms. In the earlier stage, it is asymptomatic. As soon as the stage became tight, we notice some symptoms like:

    • Pain while urinating
    • Blood in urine
    • Sharp pain in your back or lower abdomen
    • Nausea and vomiting


    The early discovery, the better the treatment. The medical treatment of your kidney stone depends on the size of the stone. Your doctor can advise you according to your kidney stone stage.

    *If your test results show that your kidney stone is small, your doctor may tell you to take pain medicine and drink plenty of fluids to help push the stone through your urinary tract. If your kidney stone is large, or if it is blocking your urinary tract, additional treatment may be necessary such as :

    *lithotripsy: This treatment uses shock waves to break up the kidney stones into small pieces

    *ureteroscopy: This treatment is also done under general anesthesia. All the same traditional medicine is not to be ignored.

    Natural treatment

    Thank traditional medicine, there is a particular herbal tea that flushes away those stones in a short time. It is made from medicinal and leaves. It has been proven effective and has no side effects. For more information about this natural remedy kindly click on the link below:


    The best way to prevent most kidney stones is to drink enough fluids every day. Most people should drink eight to 12 cups of fluid per day. If you have kidney disease and need to limit fluids, ask your doctor how much fluid you should have each day. Limiting sodium and animal protein in your diet may also help to prevent kidney stones. If your doctor can find out what your kidney stone is made of, he or she may be able to give you specific dietary recommendations to help prevent future kidney stones.

    If you have a health condition that makes you more likely to have kidney stones, your doctor might tell you to take medicine to treat this condition.

    Never start or stop any treatment or diet without talking to your doctor first!

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