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  • Osteoporosis natural treatments


    The main reason for using natural treatment is to manage or heal the condition without medication. Some natural remedies can be used for osteoporosis. While there’s little scientific or clinical evidence to suggest that they’re truly effective, many people report success.

    Always inform your doctor before beginning any alternative medicine or therapy. There may be interactions between herbs and the medications you’re currently taking. Your doctor can help coordinate an overall treatment plan that best suits your needs.

    While more scientific research is needed on the subject, some herbs and supplements are believed to reduce or potentially stop the bone loss caused by osteoporosis.

    Herbal tea 009(calcium zinc-iron)

    It is as to do with natural plants and leaves. The herbal contains some nutrient-rich in vitamins and calcium that help to strengthen the bone and stop immediately bone loss.  It regulates the heartbeats, the tone of the muscle, and the irritability of the nerves. It has been proven effective and has no side effects.

    The powder can be consumed in meat or other broth or in a cereal porridge.

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    The soybeans used to make products like tofu and soy milk contain isoflavones. Isoflavones are estrogen-like compounds that may help protect bones and stop bone loss.

    It’s generally recommended that you talk to your doctor before using soy for osteoporosis, especially if you have an increased risk of estrogen-dependent breast cancer.


    Horsetail is a plant with possible medicinal properties. The silicon in the horsetail is believed to help with bone loss by stimulating bone regeneration. Although clinical trials to support this assertion are lacking, horsetail is still recommended by some holistic doctors as an osteoporosis treatment.

    Horsetail can be taken as a tea, tincture, or herbal compress. It can interact negatively with alcohol, nicotine patches, and diuretics, and it’s important to stay properly hydrated when you’re using it.


    When a person is diagnosed with osteoporosis, they’re advised to change their diet to incorporate more calcium. Though bone mass can’t be instantly corrected, dietary changes may stop you from losing more bone mass.

    Hormone replacement drugs, particularly ones that contain estrogen, are often prescribed by doctors. But all hormone therapy drugs carry side effects that can interfere with other parts of your life.


    The risk of getting osteoporosis increases with age as bones naturally become thinner. After age 30, the rate at which your bone tissue dissolves and is absorbed by the body slowly increases, while the rate of the bone-building decreases. So overall you lose a small amount of bone each year after age 30.

    In women, bone loss is more rapid and usually begins after monthly menstrual periods stop, when a woman's production of the hormone estrogen slows down (usually between the ages of 45 and 55). A man's bone thinning typically starts to develop gradually when his production of the hormone testosterone slows down, at about 45 to 50 years of age. Women typically have smaller and lighter bones than men. As a result, women develop osteoporosis far more often than men. Osteoporosis usually does not have a noticeable effect on people until they are 60 or older.

    Whether a person develops osteoporosis depends on the thickness of the bones (bone density) in early life, as well as health, diet, and physical activity later in life. Factors that increase the risk for osteoporosis in both men and women include:

    • Having a family history of osteoporosis. If your mother, father, or sibling has been diagnosed with osteoporosis or has experienced broken bones from a minor injury, you are more likely to develop osteoporosis.


    Osteoporosis can be prevented. Exercise, especially lifting weights, helps to maintain healthy bone mass. Healthy lifestyle choices, such as not smoking or misusing substances, also decrease your risk of developing osteoporosis.

    Vitamin supplements that contribute to bone health, such as vitamin D, calcium, and vitamin K, should also be a staple in your diet to avoid bone weakness later in life.

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