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How to consume mustard seed?

  • Mustard seed and 08 diseases it relieves

    Native to Europe, Central Asia and India, mustard (Brassica), black, white or China, is a bushy annual plant of the Brassicaceae family. Mustard is a condiment appreciated all over the world and its leaves and seeds offer many health benefits and virtues.

    After the salt and pepper we use, mustard is one of the oldest condiments and the third most popular in the world. Mustard seeds are important in protecting our health. They come in white, brown and black and are used all over the world. The Greeks, Romans, Asians, and Africans all explored the taste of mustard seeds and incorporated them into their cuisines. Mustard seeds also find their way into the Bible and their first record of use is found in Sanskrit scripts that date back thousands of years. Unfortunately, the reputation of mustard seed has recently declined due to its link with mustard, which itself is linked to fast food like hamburgers and hot dogs. This is unfortunate, as mustard seeds have many health benefits. This article aims to make you discover this marvellous plant, all its components and its health benefits.

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    Written and edited by DJIMA Rachidatou on 31/03/2022

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