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Another way of healing cytomegalovirus

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    What you need to keep in mind


    Cytomegalovirus (CMV)is a well-known virus. This virus affects the majority at the age of 40. The main way of contamination is through a sick person’s saliva or other body fluids. It is closer to the herpes virus, which provokes cold sore.

    People with a strong immune system have great chances of surviving this sickness than people with a weak immune system.

    Also, HIV Patients living with a CMV may lead to an eye problem named retinitis and at last blindness occurrence.

    We are different type of cytomegalovirus which is:

    -Congenital: this the contamination through mother and baby.

    -Primary: it concerns those who experiment with CMW for the first time.

    -  Reactivation: It is the case of those who are a weak immune system. Let us know more about the common sign of this evil.


    Cytomegalovirus signs

    General signs of primary CMV

    Although CMV is a silent disease, here some indication of these diseases:


    -Fatty gland


    -Sore throat

    -Muscle pain.

    We can also have in some cases:

    *Changes to your personality


    *Dry cough


    Symptoms of congenital CMV

    In the case of babies born with CMW we have

             -Premature delivery

             -Small size or low Birth Weight

    -Bruise-like rashes

    -Yellow skin or eyes

    -Swollen liver and spleen

    -Small head



    - Liver inflammation

    HIV Patient with CMV signs includes:



    *Stomach pain

    *Weight loss

    How do we get the CMV virus?

    Cytomegalovirus causes

    You might not catch the CMW virus by simple contact. But you can have it by touching your nose, or mouth after being in touch with an infected person’s:



    *Vaginal fluids



    *Breast milk

    *Sexual contact

    *Blood transfusion

    CMV spreads easily in places with lots of young children, like day-care centers, so anyone who spends time there is at higher risk of getting it. You’re also more likely to get the virus if your immune system is weakened because of a medication or another health condition.

    Is it possible to treat cytomegalovirus?

                                                   CYTOMEGALOVIRUS MEDICAL TREATMENTS

    For CMV patients the first medical care always has to do with antibiotics and drugs according to symptoms of CMV. Among the drugs the doctor can prescribe we have:






    However, this treat can’t cure the sickness, especially if the patient is HIV positive, and could also lead to some side effects like rash and kidney problems.

    But the good news is that phytotherapist have found an effective herbal tea to cure CMW. The herbal tea is made from medicinal plants and leaves. It has been proven effective and works in a short time. Click on the link below to know more about this natural herbal tea:


    Cytomegalovirus Prevention

    CMV was once the most known viral opportunistic infection illnesses that are worse or happen more often in people with weakened immune systems tied to HIV. Now, ART can help keep your CD4 count up and your immune system strong.  Or use natural herbal tea. You can also join us through


    for more information about the prevention of this sickness.