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All you need to know about lumbago natural treatment

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    In the world and particularly in western more than 80% of the population are suffering  from lumbago. Lumbago can be seen as discomfort that derives from the lower back site. Lumbago also called musculoskeletal disorder is not to be compared with simple lower back pain.

    Read till the end to know more about lumbago symptoms, causes, and treatments.


    If you are expressing some signs and symptoms like the one listing below. It is obvious that you’ve contracted lumbago.

    • Pain that’s located in the lumbar area of the spine is the primary symptom. Typically, this pain includes lower back stiffness, muscle tension, and achiness. In the worst cases, mobility can be compromised.
    • The pain is localized, meaning that it’s confined to a small area.
    • Restricted movement of the spine can be a symptom, such as when you try to bend over or lean backward.
    • Another indication of lumbago can be pain felt in the lower portion of the back that can spread out into the buttock, the groin, or to the back of the thigh.
    • If the pain includes numbness in the buttocks, back, or leg, along with a tingling feeling that radiates down the leg to the foot, it is known as sciatica. This occurs when the sciatic nerve is irritated.
    • Swelling or inflammation of the back or leg can be a warning sign.
    • Lower back pain when you sneeze or cough can also suggest lumbago.


    Most of the time lumbago causes are difficult to figure out even after a medical test. Many circumstances surround lumbago causes and the principal one is overworked of the lower back the sudden raising of a heavy load.

    Lumbago can be the result of excessive bending or other repetitive motions involving the lower back. Osteoarthritis and spinal arthritis (spondylosis) can be factors.

    Other causes may include a slipped or herniated disc, osteoporosis, spinal stenosis or compression of the spinal nerves, scoliosis, and malignant or benign spinal tumors.


    Natural treatment

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    Medical treatment

    Treatment for Lumbago varies depending on many different factors, including patient age, weight, activity level, and much more. The following are treatment options :

    • Anti-inflammatory for temporary pain relief
    • Hot or cold compresses
    • Exercise and gentle stretches
    • Yoga
    • Acupuncture
    • Chiropractic & spinal manipulation
    • Physical therapy
    • Surgery

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    To prevent lumbago, it is important to follow some step such as:

    1. Eat healthfully so you keep your body weight within a healthy range.
    2. Get regular exercise to keep your back muscles fit and flexible.
    3. Avoid prolonged sitting.
    4. When you do sit, maintain good posture.
    5. Use proper techniques for lifting (lift with your legs rather than your back).
    6. Avoid frequent bending and twisting. Especially avoid bending, twisting, and lifting at the same time (like shoveling snow).
    7. Avoid situations where your spine is vibrated for long periods of time.
    8. Get enough sleep each day.
    9. Stop smoking.
    10. If you have depression and/or anxiety, visit your health care clinician about ways to manage it.