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10 tips for getting pregnant naturally

  • 10 tips for getting pregnant naturally



    10 tips for getting pregnant quickly and naturally. No fear and no preconceived ideas. The tips are simple, practical and easy to follow. Be positive, these are little fertility-boosting tips. But, it takes two to procreate. You are a woman, you need a man of childbearing age. You are a man, you need a woman who is of legal age to carry a pregnancy. No sex, no natural pregnancy.

    * 1-Take the right position to get pregnant *
    No privileged position in normal times to get pregnant. However, when the pregnancy takes a long time to come, it is necessary to change behavior to boost fertility by playing with gravity. For this, it is necessary to favor the positions where the ejaculation will take place as close as possible to the cervix. , like the missionary, the spoon or even better the doggy style. However, the position of Andromache and face to face are not recommended. In general, avoid positions where you are on your man. The sperm will tend to run out rather than back up to the egg. The man must resume the divine position, Woman below and Man above to help the sperm take advantage of the gravity and quickly descend as close as possible to the cervix. Romantic love no longer counts here, but the ideal gesture, the ideal position to get pregnant.

    * 2-Have an orgasm to get pregnant *

    Reaching orgasm makes it easier for sperm to migrate, but it doesn't have to be to get pregnant. Take your time and make the ideal intercourse with extreme enjoyment, the vaginal environment needs it and it can help the sperm. This is because the contractions of the vagina caused by orgasm help sperm travel up to the cervix.

    * 3-Make the pear tree after love *

    Right after lovemaking, it would be advisable to lift and hold her legs in the air for a few minutes or place a pillow under her buttocks to keep the sperm as close to the cervix as possible. If you don't want to go through this little gymnastics, wait at least ten minutes before getting up - this is the time it takes for the sperm to reach the cervix. So you have to stay lying on your back at least to help the spermazoids in their internal migration. Normally these things do not matter much to get pregnant, but when the pregnancy does not come after two years together you should take these tips into account.

    * 4-Make love at the right frequency *

    One sexual act is enough to get pregnant normally. This is normally true, but if the pregnancy does not come, the couple should avoid isolated encounters where the man and woman meet just for the pregnancy. Regarding the ideal frequency of intercourse to get pregnant, opinions contradict each other. Most gynecologists do not recommend having sex every day. The sperm would not have time to regenerate and, therefore, would be of lower quality. Conversely, having tested and approved the technique, some couples recommend daily intercourse during the fertile period. And if you're sure you're ovulating on a specific date, some even suggest having sex twice on D-Day to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

    * 5-Consume evening primrose oil or olive oil to get pregnant *

    Evening primrose oil and olive oil are rich in vitamin E and help regulate the menstrual cycle and cervical mucus. Herbal tea 050 is a sperm booster and herbal tea 60 facilitates conception. I beg you not to neglect the 50 herbal teas for men and 60 for women. The combination of the two herbal teas has allowed many couples to have children naturally.

    * 6-Watch the moon *

    In the Organic Guide to the Future Mum (Anagram editions), the author * Geneviève Hervé-Loisier * recommends that women with a disturbed ovarian cycle sleep in a room with open shutters. Exposure to the natural light of the moon, she says, promotes a return to a regular cycle and ovulation. It is popular belief that having sex on a full evening during the fertile period increases the chances of getting pregnant. You are free to believe or not to believe, but try because it can bring you good luck.

    * 7-Drink a small glass of alcohol before sex *

    Alcohol is a good blood thinner but without abuse. When you are pregnant, no more alcohol. Red wine is good for health, white wine stimulates sperm and makes them vigorous, while champagne increases fertility. A small glass of champagne before making love promotes fertilization. I beg you not to abuse.

    * 8-Fill up on vitamins for better sperm *

    Tell Monsieur to eat apples, lots of apples, bananas, cassava, lemon, honey, watermelon, potato, tigernuts, peanuts, mango, organic ginger preferably to avoid pesticides. Vitamin C improves the performance of sperm. Sperm need energy and therefore need healthy sugar.

    * 9-Give preference to certain vegetables to get pregnant *

    On the forum, Joshetnath gives us an old saying from his grandmother: “Eat root vegetables and the little seed will take root”. Turnips, parsnips, sweet potatoes, beets, carrots and other plants come out of the ground!

    * 10-Visualization *
    While you are making love, be in the moment. Think very hard about what you are doing and try to visualize the sperm moving up to the cervix. Mentally encourage them. Really believe in faith that you are pregnant. Pray without ceasing. It will be done to you according to your faith.

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