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Benefits and virtues of king grass

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In the world and particularly in AFRICA king grass also called ‘’Miracle grass’’,’’ goatweed’’ is a popular grass that can be found everywhere. It has been known by all, but few people know it useful. People died every day and spent enormous money in hospitals while this miracle grass is being cut and burnt day by day.

The bitter truth is that this grass has been tested and proven effective. The best way to know its effectiveness is to try it.

Read till the end to know more about other virtues of king grass.

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Relatives question

What is King grass used for?

Can King grass cure gastric?

What is the name of King grass?

What is the name of King grass?,

Who is the king of plants?,

How do you use King Grass for ulcers?

Benefits and virtues of king grass: diseases cured by the king of herbs. Click on the image to find out.



Increased male libido


 Increasing male libido helps in premature ejaculation and weak erection.
For men suffering from this just look for king grass, found everywhere, wash, squeeze or blend and drink, you can add honey to taste.

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Very good for fertility


All those suffering from any form of fertility problem, Women looking for the fruit of the womb should make use of king grass, blend or squeeze and drink always, add with other natural remedies you will become a mother in Jesus Name

- Works for fertility in women and more in tubes


-The flowers are good for weight loss

Chew hand full of the flower with at least 10 seeds of alligator pepper. It makes one be urinating often. Body system matters if you feel you ain't urinating often you can increase the quantity of both the flower and alligator seeds.


-Very good for an ulcer patient


Ulcer Patients should make use of king grass, cures ulcer effectively, blend or squeeze and add a drink, can add honey to it.

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Fatty liver disease

Benefits and virtues of king grass:King grass as food supplement



Apart from those surprising benefits of king grass, there are still numerous benefits of this miracle grass that's why its called "The King of all grass"

- The leaves are prepared as soup with enough pure red oil (unbleached palm oil), with enough spices, and eaten without food in enough quantity to stop DIARRHEA. It's almost miraculous.
- The best nutritive super vegetable to be used as food, but unknown to the world
- It's a natural fertilizer for the soil
- Good for Abdominal and back pains
- Good for Frontal and general headache
- Excellent for poisonous bites/stings
- Works against Hernia
- Antidote against evil spells
- It protects other plants and the environment where it grows against negative energies/evils
- Facilitates delivery when teas from the plant are taken as an enema ('pump') regularly at the last month of pregnancy and at the onset of labour
- Good against all types of poisonings. Chew seven heads or squeeze fresh clean juice and drink. NB: Many vomits poison after taking it. Repeat twice daily for a few days

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Benefits and virtues of king grass:King of herbs against poisoning

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 Chew a few heads or squeeze the juice and drink first thing in the early morning before greeting anyone
- Painful swellings: Apply the juice to swellings
- Good for CONJUNCTIVITIS and other Eye problems. Apply juice in affected eyes
- Smash and apply the paste on both fresh and old wounds for healing... It's a powerful antibiotic
- Good for Sore throat
- Has aphrodisiac properties, thus boosting libido
- Excellent for diabetes
- Very good of Ceased menstruation and other menstrual problems
- Works against Grey hair. Take tea as an enema and apply fresh juice on hair/head and massage well
- When Flowers (three or seven) are swallowed, they work as an antidote against poisonings, and helps you keep the enemy out of you
- Inhaled to cure dizziness
- Excellent for Coughs in Children. Add a pinch of salt and pepper to make it more effective
- Taken as an enema to cure fever in children. Also bath children with boiled leaves (teas from leaves)
- Cures abdominal heat in infertile women
- Crush with a little pepper and apply on Athletes Foot
- Works against Urinary tract infections
- Excellent against Nose bleeding. Put drops in nostrils and lie with head up for a few minutes
- Good for sinusitis
- Juice is excellent in removing hard particles in the eyes. Apply juice in the affected eye(s)

  • The FRESH JUICE of King Grass is more effective. However, teas from it are more commonly used.
  • Everyone needs to have this grass all around him and use it for a good purpose to avoid sicknesses and sudden death.

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What is King grass used for? Can King grass cure gastric? What is the name of King grass? Who is the king of plants? How do you use King Grass for ulcers?

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