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All you need to know about guava virtues

  • Guava virtues


    Guava is a common fruit that we appreciate for its many benefits and virtues for health.

    Guava or Psidium Guajava is the fruit of the guava tree. This plant belongs to the Myrtaceae family and can reach 3 to 6 m. It supports both negative temperatures and extreme heat.

    In Brazil, it is nicknamed Feijoa. Guava is harvested in the fall.

    This tropical fruit is more or less round in shape, with sometimes green, orange, or yellow skin. Its flesh varies in color, pink, white or yellow

    Guava is a gold mine for our health. It offers many virtues in both medicine and cosmetology.

    Guava, health benefits, and virtue

    Guava is excellent for transit. Rich in dietary fiber, it fights against diarrhea.

    Recommendations: Chew the leaves or seeds of the guava. Or infuse the guava leaves in 1 L of water and drink the preparation, once filtered, during the day.

    The virtues of guava leaves :

    Guava leaves hold the properties of analgesics. They relieve sore throat and dental pain.


    Use: Drink the infusion of guava leaves, or make mouthwashes, or chew the leaves.

    Its leaves also have properties of anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs. Thus they accelerate the healing mechanism and relieve all types of inflammation: bronchitis, tonsillitis, inflammation of the gums, pharyngitis.

    Traditional medicine

    We also use guava leaves in traditional medicine

    Use: The leaves in decoction then gargle.

    In decoction, we use the leaves of the guava tree for its properties astringent. Recommendations: Apply to damaged areas of the skin.

    They also reduce vomiting.

    Guava is rich in anti-oxidants. It fights against the premature aging of cells and free radicals harmful to the body.

    Its anti-oxidants reduce the uncontrolled proliferation of cancer cells. Vitamin C, for its part, stimulates the defense of our body.


    Guava is a diuretic. Effective in the event of water retention.

    Guava is a Hypo-allergenic. It limits the production of histamine, released, in cases of allergies.

    Guava for the arteries :

    Guava is also known for lowers blood pressure. It is recommended to consume guava in case of hypertension. Thus it would reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. In addition, it would decrease the level of bad cholesterol.

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    Indications for guava: Diarrhea, digestive disorders, water retention, toothache and Headache, inflammation, high blood pressure.

    Guava as a beauty tool

    We also use guava in cosmetology.

    For hair, in particular, it limits hair loss.
    Use: boil the guava leaves. Then filter the leaves.

    Once you have lathered your shampoo, rinse with the water obtained after filtering the leaves.

    Guava is astringent, it restores radiance to the skin.

    Use of guava :

    A cleansing lotion: Boil the fruit and its leaves. Filter and keep the water cool. To cleanse your skin, soak your cotton pad with your resulting lotion.

    In decoction, guava relieves skin irritations.

    A natural scrub: Mix guava and a kiwi. Add to the mixture a spoonful of liquid honey. In the shower massage your body.

    Another tip: Cut guava in half and make circular motions on clean skin. Then rinse.

    Anti-acne and against blackheads: Crush the leaves of the guava tree, mixed with water. And apply on the face and rinse.

    In addition, the anti-bacterial properties of guava, eliminate oral bacteria, thus ensuring better breath.

    Smart tip about guava

    Storage of guava: very fragile, it can only be kept for 2 days in the refrigerator.

    For your guava to reach maturity, leave it there for a few days at room temperature.